Analysis tools for SDI and NDI


The ZA-SDI software solution brings together all the advanced test and measurement tools necessary to analyze and resolve your daily signal problems.

It contains all the tools for rapid fault diagnosis, conformity monitoring and product development.

The ZA-SDI as standard offers the core media analysis tools for broadcast operators' HD-SDI environments including image viewing, waveform analyzer, vectorscope, audio metering on 16 channels and ANC status.

It allows for flexible, user-defined instrument layout displaying up to 6 simultaneous windows, and the ability to quickly switch between layouts for different operational tasks.

Tech spec ZA-SDI

ZA-SDI is software that allows you to work with SD/HD signals in NDI and SDI.

It includes an oscilloscope (luma, YCbCr, RGB), a vector scope, the histogram, audio phases, colorimetry and an audio video monitor, raw hexadecimal data, CCIR-601 and Rec.709 color spaces.

Compatible operating systems :

  • Windows

  • Apple

Compatible video boards :

  • Blackmagic

  • AJA

  • Bluefish444